The realization of the enormous growth of the highway industry in the mid- 20th century, in particular, the inauguration and implementation of the National System of Interstate and Defense Highway Act of 1956, and the recognition that the knowledge for such a program could only be consummated by the whole-hearted and integrated efforts of all persons associated with the highway industry, led to the formation of the American Society of Highway Engineers, with the intent and determination to assume it responsibility for the development of the rapid growing demands of the highway industry.

The Society was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1958 with the conception and inception of the first Chartered Section (Harrisburg Section) credited to a small group of dedicated engineers from the Pennsylvania Department of Highways, in association with a group of outstanding contractors, material suppliers, and consulting engineers in the Harrisburg area.

Both the National and Section Board of Directors consists of representatives of contractors, consulting engineers, government agencies, materials producers, utility companies, and other highway related agencies being duly elected Officers to serve the Society.

MEMBERSHIP (Presently 6,000+ Nationwide)
Being desirous of offering participation at all levels of responsibility, membership is available to everyone in the highway industry. Individuals who have practiced or are now practicing in the highway industry are welcome to become a member of our organization.

The many and diverse benefits of a mutual desire among the members to cooperatively approach and solve the common concerns that must be faced has become manifest. The direction of the Society is presented by the goals in the Strategic Plan. The spirit of professional and personal fellowship has added to the strength of all.


The ASHE Pittsburgh Section is requesting applications for the ASHE PITTSBURGH OUTSTANDING HIGHWAY ENGINEERING AWARD.
Any public/private organization engaged in the practice of highway and transportation engineering/construction in Western Pennsylvania is eligible to enter the awards program.
Entries must be submitted to ASHE through a member of the Pittsburgh Section.
  1. Projects entered in the competition must be within a 125-mile radius of Downtown Pittsburgh.
  2. Construction of projects must have been substantially completed between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013.
  3. Each entry must be prepared in accordance with these Criteria (Page 1) and Entry Form (Page 2).  Non-compliance with the rules will automatically disqualify an entry.
  4. See Attachment Page 3 for Rating Guidelines
  5. Entries, including photographs, submitted for judging in the competition will not be returned.
  6. Firms may submit more than one entry.
  7. The ASHE Awards Committee reserves the right to determine eligibility of all entries.
Send the original and four (4) copies to:
David K. Williams, P.E.
c/o Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
Airside Business Park
100 Airside Drive
Moon Township, PA  15108
The owner, the designer and the contractor of the winning entry will receive a plaque acknowledging their achievement.  Additional plaques may be purchased.
The awards will be presented at the Past Presidents’ Banquet on Saturday October 18, 2014
Any highway/transportation construction project within the following construction cost categories.
CATEGORY A: $5,000,000 or less
CATEGORY B: Greater than $5,000,000 but less than $15,000,0000
CATEGORY C: Greater than $15,000,000
Entries will be judged on the basis of the work performed by the entering firm only and according to the Rating Guidelines on Page 3.
DEADLINE for Entries is July 21, 2014. Entries received after July 21, 2014, 2:00 PM will NOT be accepted.
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